Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. The controller
The data is managed by the website operator: Huauto Kft.

2. The scope of the data being processed
The use of certain services provided at is subject to registration, at which the data controller may request information from the user. Your registration is subject to acceptance of the Terms of Use described in this document. When you register on our site for the purpose of accessing our registration services, you agree at the same time to the Terms of Use contained in this document. While viewing this site, due to technical operation, the start and end times of the user's visit are automatically recorded, and in some cases, depending on the user's computer configuration, the browser, operating system information and the user's IP address. From this data, the system automatically generates statistics.
The operator does not link this information to any other personal data, and uses it solely for the purpose of compiling website traffic statistics. By registering, users consent to the operator managing their personal data. The information provided for the use of this website will be managed with the user's voluntary consent, in the knowledge of this information.

3. Purpose of Data Management
The date of the visit, the IP address and the browser and operating system data are recorded and stored as a function of the system and are technically essential for statistical purposes only and to ensure the sending of e-mail
The purpose of the processing of personal data submitted to the operator during the registration process is to use the services of the website and to ensure communication between the service provider and the user in order to provide the service. This data will be aggregated for statistical purposes.
The contact information you provide will be stored with due care and used only for the following purposes:
a) Sending notifications and news about the services of, significant changes, improvements, adding new services.
b) Send any other information or offers that we think you may be interested in to the subject of
The Controller will not process personal data for any purpose other than those stated above. The data provided in this way will be managed with the user's voluntary consent.

4. Duration of data management
The time of visit data (IP address, operating system and browser data) is automatically deleted when you close your browser.
Your personal information will be stored until you explicitly ask otherwise. Your request to remove your data may be made in writing by the user via the postal address of the data controller or through the contact menu. The data controller shall comply with the user's request within a maximum of 2 business days.

5. Spam
The controller will never send unsolicited e-mails (SPAM) for any reason or in any way. We will only send emails to email addresses whose owners have given us permission to do so by registering at and accepting the Terms of Use of this website. If the user thinks he has received an unsolicited letter from us or someone who claims to be the operator's representative, please let us know via the contact menu and we will investigate the matter immediately. To assist in our investigation, please provide as much details as you can and forward the full email you received.6. The circle of data accessers, data processors The Operator does not sell, rent, or make available in any form user information to other companies or individuals, nor does it post to or on behalf of any third party company or persons. arding the management of their personal data, deletion of data The legal basis for the processing of personal data referred to in point 2 is the voluntary consent of users. All visitors and registered users can request information about the management of their personal information. The controller shall, upon request, inform the data subject in writing, within 30 days, of the data processed, the purpose, legal basis, duration, name, address and seat of the data controller and of whom and for what purpose. the data. Anyone can request information through the mailing address of the dat
Personal data provided by users, as well as data that are automatically accessed due to technical operation, shall be accessible only to data controller personnel. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties by the controller. This does not apply to any mandatory statutory transfers. The data controller shall verify, for each data item, whether there is indeed a legal basis for the transfer, and, if necessary, seek the opinion of the Data Protection Officer before complying with any request for information from the authorities. It is not public and the third party has no access to the user's email address.